Brief Message Service (SMS) Simplified

Lots of people have probably heard the term SMS yet have no idea what it actually is or what it stands for, and even less idea regarding how it actually works. SMS short for Short Messaging Service can be technology that allows people to send plus receive text-based messages using mobile equipment, such as cell phones.

The younger generations have taken to SMS big time and have even started to create their own unique language and symbology for delivering messages. This is a measure of how much SMS technology has been absorbed into youth culture. The possibility of a completely wireless cyberspace is becoming more and more of a reality. Mobile hand held devices such as palmtops are at the top of almost everyone’s list of ‘must haves’. These devices are now considered by more than half the world as important, and not a luxury. The ‘want’ of the masses has now turned into a ‘need, ‘ and for some very good reasons.

SMS allows us more than just a way of keeping in touch. It is an extremely most affordable way of communicating, allowing us to watch our budget in these times of economic worry. When using SMS, typing in just over one hundred and fifty characters takes up as much space upon memory as one second on a voice-to-voice call. This can represent a significant saving to anyone. So long as the cellular phone is switched on, SMS messages are usually received almost instantly. They are similar to emails in that they can be reviewed on the display and can be stored in your own special filing system for as long as you need them. SMS also offers the facility to send out messages to large groups of people with a single click of the ‘send’ button.

SMS has the facility with regard to allowing different messaging formats for that user. It can be used for sending voice mail, for fax messages, as well as e-mails. SMS allows users to gather all their messages in these formats from their mobile device.

Europeans have actually adopted the SMS culture plus send more than a billion messages each and every month. Incredibly, this same level of SMS culture does not yet apply to the United States of America. SMS assistance is way under-utilized in the USA, even though it is growing.
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The main explanation of this unusual phenomenon is that the USA does not currently use the digital wireless interface regular used in Europe – GSM. Worldwide Systems for Mobile Communication or even GSM is the platform for all TEXT MESSAGE communication.

Essentially GSM is a system based on digital technology, which is the main reason that SMS features work therefore well. Most countries do use the particular GSM digital standard, but the USA is one of the few countries that would rather use CDMA and TDMA instead of GSM. There are GSM networks through the USA but the general preference seems to be for the other two systems, which is somewhat odd since both these some reduce the capabilities of SMS. UNITED STATES is starting to change to GSM but the change is relatively slow.

In case you are wondering how such a tiny mobile phone can hold so much information, most mobile phones can have SIM or Subscribe Identification Module cards fitted. These are basically plastic cards with chips where information is stored. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of SMS or have never used it, you really should give it a try. It is amazingly practical, extremely reliable and an affordable method to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues.