Top Tips for Choosing The Perfect Cot Bed Mattress

The right cot bed mattress will ensure that your infant gets a good night sleep. Newborn babies spend around 16 – 18 hours asleep per day, therefore it is important to purchase a safe and comfortable one.

A good quality of rest is important for parents and infants but sourcing the right cot air mattress can be a daunting task, with different types of mattresses on the market to choose from.

It’s essential to assemble the cot bed properly before measuring for your mattress. As soon as it has been assembled, measure the interior measurements of the cot base.
Cot beds come in two basic sizes. The conventional (56x118cm) or continental (60x120cm).
To help keep the mattress as hygienic plus clean as possible, why not choose one with a PVC-covering or a removable top panel that you can wash at a reasonably temperature.
It should be firm, with no sagging and fit the cot comfortably without gaps.
The space between the mattress plus cot should be no more that 4cm, this is vital to prevent your baby through becoming trapped.
The gaps between the bars should be less than 6. 5cm.
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The base of most cot beds may have a stamp or sticker that will indicate the recommended size associated with cot bed mattress required.
The bed mattress must conform to all the safety regulations and also meet fire regulations of the country you live in.
It’s only advisable to buy a second-hand mattress if you know the history, if not purchase a new one.
If you purchase a cot bed which is an unusual shape or size compared to norm, you can get a mattress specially managed to get.
Types of Cot Bed Mattress

Foam – These mattresses normally have a PVC covering over the foam interior.


Inexpensive, good value for money.
Easy to clean.

The PCV cover might be a concern to parents, as it can make babies clammy in hot weather.
A few foam mattress have ventilated holes which can be difficult to clean, especially if an infant is sick the residues could be hard to clean when it gather within the holes.
Spring interior – These kinds of mattresses have a coiled spring device underneath its non- PVC surface area


Provide excellent support.
An extended life span because they hold their form well, a sensible purchase if you want to use the mattress for more than one child.

They are heavy compared to their particular foam cot mattress counterpart therefore making changing the beddings challenging.
More expensive than foam mattresses
Fiber – This kind of mattress is most expensive and also longest lasting of the entire cot bed mattresses. This is due to the indoor which are made from natural fibres like coconut fibre coated in latex.

Hypoallergenic: Has non allergenic inner core foam combined with an anti-allergenic and water resistant surface. Making it an excellent choice, if allergies or asthma are a concern in your family.

Cot bed Mattress Protector

A protector provides several important functions: It stops the exposure to dust mites, as well as can increase sleeping comfort.

Final longing protection against dust mites. This works by sealing in the dust mites, so the particles cannot turn out to be airborne.
Waterproof protector help repel liquids. This is especially useful to avoid night-time wetting accidents that can stain and damage the cot air mattress.