Where you can get the Best Affordable Health Insurance Plans

Looking for inexpensive health insurance with a top-rated company? Here’s where to get the best affordable medical health insurance plans with A-rated companies.

Health Insurance Plans

There are a number of different plans offered. The most popular ones include:

* Fee-for-service plans. These plans are the traditional plans whereby you pay the monthly premium for health care insurance that includes visits to your doctor, hospital expenses, and prescription drug expenses. With these plans you pay deductible (usually $500 to $2, 000), then your insurer pays a percentage of your bill (usually 80%).

* Handled health care plans. These plans – HMos, POSs, and PPOs – assign you to a group of doctors, specialists, and hospitals that you use for your medical care needs. Your coverage includes doctor visits, hospital fees, and prescription drug costs. Some plans even provide preventive care such as smoking clinics and health club discounts.
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With HMOs and POSs you spend a monthly premium for solutions, and a co-payment (usually $5 in order to $10) per doctor visit. Along with PPOs you pay as providers are rendered.

These plans are cheaper than fee-for-service plans.

2. Major medical plans. These plans cover major illnesses such a malignancy and heart disease. They pay your own medical expenses after you pay an insurance deductible and a coinsurance payment. Standard programs pay for your hospital expenses, in addition X-ray and lab tests, and you purchase doctor visits and prescription drugs.

These types of plans are cheaper than fee-for-service or managed health care plans.

*Specialized programs. These plans provide health care coverage for particular illnesses or circumstances. Two examples of these plans are usually hospital confinement plans that pay a certain amount for each day you’re in the hospital, and specified disease insurance that pays your medical costs for a single disease such as HELPS, cancer, or heart disease.

Fees for these plans vary.

Best Companies

There are two websites where you can check out a good insurance company:

* A. M. Best (ambest. com) provides an overview of the company’s financial stability and its capability to pay claims. Their ratings proceed from A++ (best) to M (worst). You should choose a company that has an A rating or higher.

2. J. D. Power & Affiliates (jdpower. com) provides consumer rankings for companies based on the opinions of shoppers who have policies with those businesses. Ratings go from five circles (best), to two circles. You need to go with a company that has a rating of three circles or higher.