Queries Regarding Cleaning Houses

Getting ready
If you think you are ready and ready to clean residential houses as a business, then it must be time that you put up your own cleaning business. The first step you have to take is to purchase the equipment you will need, then have your company insured, and after that start hiring employees who are effective at doing the job. After all these, you are today ready to advertise your company to customers. When you face clients, you have to expect that your cleaning clients have some questions they want you to address. Listed below are a few of the more common questions cleaning clients have.
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How do you deal with pets? All these pets should be put in their proper places like cages and kennels or even in a place where they will not trouble your employees from doing their cleaning jobs

Questions to answer
Is the cleaning company trustworthy? Is the cleaning company insured? You because the owner of the cleaning company should make sure that your company has liability insurance coverage and must provide workman’s payment to each and every employee of the business. It is best that you print all these information on a leaflet which you can give out for your clients. Then to emphasize the standing of your company, perform background checks before you hire any of your employees.

Do your clients or any resident of the house must be existing while your employees do their jobs. The decision lies on the make of the client. On your part, you just have to make sure that you put the keys towards the house in a place where nobody but the client has the only access to. If the house is armed with a security system, then your employees must turn it on before they leave the premises.

Do cleaning companies have to provide for all the equipment and chemicals that the employees will use? The answer to this is a resounding yes. You must supply your personal company with the necessary equipment and chemicals. It is best that you invest in expert cleaning materials which can be bought straight from suppliers and manufacturers. By finding the right chemicals and equipments that last long, your company will save a lot of money as this will lessen the probability of replicate jobs.

How do you accept payments? You will have to come up with payment schemes in black and white. If your payment policy requires payment of the client before you perform your own duties, then you have to inform the customer that he or she needs to leave his or her credit card number or a signed check if the customer has to leave the premises.