Work Posting Sites – Are They on the Way Out?

It appears hard to believe with the plethora of job boards out there and the rondeau of them that seem to pop up day-to-day that the actual existence of these sites could be called in to question. But called into question they should be. All things considered with an effectiveness rate of, best case scenario, only 4%, it is hard to fathom the mass hysteria that appears to surround them. Job seekers can’t seem to get enough of them, and companies can’t seem to stop giving them lots of money each year.

I have to say that, on the face of it, it is somewhat of a head-scratcher.

Or is it?

There is no doubt that the apparent ease with which the improvement of the Internet has made to our lives in many ways is certainly attractive with regards to the arduous, at best, task of conducting a job search. Who won’t love the idea that he or she could simply upload a resume, have an organization read it, and the phone amazingly start ringing? The hope, and more importantly, the seeming ease of it all are certainly an easy sell.

The reality, however , is that, despite the intent to create hiring more effective and job seeking more simple, they seem to have accomplished the exact opposite: further alienating potential employers from prospective job seekers.

Consider it. Job seekers are shunned from contacting employers, even their HR departments, which are partly in place to assist using the hiring process. Forget trying to speak with an actual hiring manager. Banned from even touching resumes that haven’t been through the ritual HR cleansing, she or he is like some mystery figure that only comes out after candidates happen to be prescreened, screened, and rescreened.

Sometimes candidates are even kept at nighttime about to which company they are actually applying, only to be revealed at the final possible second (and then companies wonder, “why doesn’t the applicant seem to know much about all of us? “).

And don’t even get me personally started about the resume black openings in which resume after resume simply keeps going in. I mean, what are businesses doing with all those resumes?

However, despite all that, these job boards seem to continue and, even more, flourish. So what should a job seeker do? First of all, get informed! Know what job search tactics work the best and exactly what don’t. Take the time to develop a job research strategy that outlines how you will spend your time and resources. Second, get off the Internet and network more. Repeatedly, statistics continue to show that each employers and job seekers find networking to be the most effective way of connecting. Third, partner with other job seekers, who can line up with you to help one another. Look for team job hunting opportunities, both on the web and in your geographic area.

Finally, end looking for the easy way out. When it comes to work searching, history shows us that there just isn’t one. Of course , we all listen to the stories. And we certainly must have hope. Here is more in regards to job posting site look at the webpage.
But we should also be practical. A job search requires action, lots of it. So upload your resume onto some job board if you must, but don’t let that become the breadth and depth of it!