Luxurious Car Hire for a Night Out? Surely That’s Too Extravagant?

Some individuals gasp in the anticipation of massive bills when the subject of luxurious limousine hire is mentioned within the context of a night out.

Quite often the response goes along the lines of “We’re not really rock stars” and the planning techniques back to contemplating the rather ominous reality of taxis and other kinds of public transport.

Yet is that mindset really justified?

If you look at the price of a typical limousine hire, the per-hour rate may, at first glance, look a little steep but you really need to ask yourself what precisely you are trying to compare it against.

If you’re comparing it to a few tour bus tickets then fine, you’re likely to find quite a price differential. On the other hand, in case you are comparing it to several taxi fares during the evening from one venue to a different then you may be looking at a very different cost comparison.

Luxury car hire for three or four hours in the evening might start to look much more interesting in situations where you are moving between locations and where those locations a few distance apart. That’s also saying absolutely nothing at all about the added convenience of having your own dedicated vehicle and chauffeur waiting to pick you up when you need to be collected and to consider you exactly where you need to get to, when you really need to be there.
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In situations where there is a group of you sharing the cost, it may be a lot easier on your pocket compared to you’d imagine and it is certainly likely to be friendlier on your schedule compared to cabs probably will be. Oh yes, that is assuming that you are able to find a taxi to begin with!

Then there is the entirely separate yet related issue of impression.

When you plan that extra special romantic night time, nothing is going to look better than a person providing a surprise luxury limousine.

In situations where you are engaged in corporate enjoyable, having a dedicated vehicle for the evening is likely to make a much more lasting impression than your efforts to get a public ‘sing-a-long’ likely to pass the time and keep your corporate guest entertained as they stand in the queue at the bus stop with you – and demonstrating your skill in being ignored by moving taxis isn’t likely to do your image much of a favour either.

Actually you might be pleasantly surprised at just how inexpensive some luxury limo hire organisations are. You can get some great deals, particularly if you are able to be fairly flexible about the type of vehicle you require.

Is it a good extravagance? Well, it depends upon your point of view.

If you are really setting out to count every cent then it might seem to be so and you really should start thinking about that bus stop again.

However, if you are just trying to have an excellent night out and create the right impression along with others around you, this method of transportation may compare surprisingly favourably with taxis. It may never qualify to be significantly cheaper but the difference in service quality might be something that’s really worth paying a few extra dollars to get.