Using Small Business Equipment Leasing to Your Advantage

One of the biggest challenges in running a small business can be managing the constant flux of money coming and going and trying to puzzle out how best to deploy what you need to grow and enhance your business whilst keeping enough set aside for the unavoidable ups and downs and unforeseen expenses that will inevitably crop up.

It is definitely a balancing act that you have to perform daily in addition to the thousand other things you are asked to take care of as you work on and in your company. Part of what takes up your cash and requires decision making in this particular aspect of your business is the need to add to plus upgrade the actual technology and tools you need to keep your business running everyday so you can serve your customers and keep the sales coming in and the bills paid.
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As you consider your options in looking after these equipment decisions one choice you might not have given much considered to but which could actually work well to assist solve some problems is using small business equipment leasing to alleviate your cash problems when you obtain your new gear.

Along with small business equipment leasing you have a double edged sword working for you. On the one side it requires typically only a single month’s payment or at most two month’s payments to actually get the equipment inside your hands and working for you unlike the bank loan that will require a much steeper down payment.

The lease can also have got lower monthly payments because rather than tallying to pay for the entire value of the equipment upfront as with a loan you can structure the lease to be for only a part of the value of the equipment and then at the end of the phrase you can decide to buy the stuff, restore the lease or simply turn it back in and upgrade or switch to something different.

By doing things this way you are just paying for the value you are extracting from the things you use and you have much more flexibility in your decision making which is always an advantage.

The other edge of the sword originates from what you are not doing which in this case is using your current credit lines to pay for equipment. You can maintain your current credit and save it for things that are more suited to a credit line for example payroll bumps, buying inventory plus emergency expenditures. The lease may also preserve your credit and can in fact improve it with timely obligations.

The other big savings from renting can come from the tax benefits you may get depending on your other assets and the type of depreciation you may qualify for along with leasing versus buying.

The bottom line is that for a small business equipment leasing can both save you money in lower taxes and also save you from having to draw a big chunk of cash out of the business to pay for a loan down payment and bigger monthly payments. A lease just isn’t always the right fit for every circumstance but it is something worth researching and at least seeing if a few or all of the advantages it offers can assist you out in your particular situation and benefit you more than a traditional loan or using a line of credit as you or else might do in this instance.